BIO: Addison Walters/Rapper A Static, a young black male inspired by my surroundings and current life situations.

Born in St.Kitts on January 1st 1990, My mother moved to St.Maarten where my father Oneil Walters resided. I was 3 years of age when I moved to St.Maarten and at the age of 12 years old, I developed a musical back ground with my fellow school mates and at that age I noticed a rappid increase in my skills in rhyming with sentences, not knowing that these skills would bring me such oppertunities as well as performances on stages and meeting up with some of the best lyrical local rappers in my neighbourhood and in my age group formed Gv.Records. Growing up in the neighbourhood Middle Region wasnt a walk through the park. I made alot of friends in my child hood years and lost a hand full in my adolecent years. Making music is a part of my life and I try my utmost best to keep my music on a different level compared to what i usually see and hear when ever i turn on my television at home.
I intend to spread a message to the youth of my generation educating them about life and avoiding bad experiences that I never did as well as avoiding experiences my older folks shared with me. (All in the music)
My personal views towards the way i live in St.Maarten is what no parent would want to sit back and watch their child go through. Therefore I concentrate about where i want to go with my musical skills and educational back ground. I dont fully depend on music to pay my bills, thats why i started my own business giving IT services and do plan to further these skills as well. My motivation starts within me and how i feel about getting up and making things happen independantly, basically saying that what ever life throws at you is not hard enough to kill you but strenghtens you and prepares you for the worst, while actually opening new doors of oppertunities. Success is a chain of accomplishments made in a certain time frame. These words i leave with encouragement to all my believers and my crew GV.M.M.A