BIO: ACHA Born Guligan (St.Maarten/Guyanese)was born on the 30th of aug 1984. Acha has been in music ever since primary school where he would take part in talent show’s school parties and graduation ceremonies any event where he could get a chance to show case his talent. Acha also would take part in vocal compotation where out of 4 he attended he took home the 1st 2nd and 3rd place prize. Next to being a singer Acha also had a passion becoming a Deejay that he did with his best friends Justin James and Santiago Richardson who is now in the 

Netherlands known as Deejay Sampla the three youngsters would put on parties in their primary school and rock the bodies mind and soul of students with their young mixing skills.In 2000 he left home to further his studies’ in the Netherlands where he would also continue his musical mission. He linked up with some guy’s (KINGZMEN) that where also from his caribbean island and were into music aswel. Acha made several stage appearances where he would always be the Headliner for the show or the opening act befor the main artists of the event. In 2002 he was giving the blessing to headline one of Groningen’s (Holland) biggest summer festivals called the New Attraction show where he would perform alongside Groningen’s finest rap group Kingzmen. After giving a great performance he was then ask to take part in a later show where he would be opening for one of Jamaica’s finest dancehall groups T.O.K. Next to stage show’s and studio recordings Acha also made two Tv interviews in Holland, Uptown tv and at the time Amsterdam hippest urban tv show the box. In 2007 he then took a trip back to St.Maarten to promote and talk about his movements and experience he got as a music entertainer in Holland not knowing that more performance opportunities would open up for him

Acha being back home. Acha was giving the opportunity to open shows for mager dance hall reggae artists like Cecile, Spice, Maxi Priest, Michael x and Ziggy. Acha is one of the Caribbean small island most versitle uprising stars awaiting that moment where he would be able to express himself to the world and like he says’ ( Da One Guh Beyond Di Sky…SKABEEEEM PRUPAH TING