Rising Reggae Music Artist Ziggi Recado Visits St Maarten

March 24, 2014
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ZIGGI-IV-PHOTORising Reggae artist Ziggi Recado 

Rising Reggae Music Artist Ziggi Recado , on his musical journey to record his new album took a trip back to his home town St Eustasia to gather inspiration.  While here  back in the Caribbean he also came back to pay a visit to St Maarten where he also spent part of his childhood.  His porpose for also coming to St Maarten was to work on 2 videos with Local The Local Media Production company Corner Stone for his new album which will be realized with Record Label Zion I Records.

Ziggi also got a chance to work first hand with upcoming Local Music Aritst King Ashandi and was great full to share and add his experiences in the music industry that will  help the 37SQ Miles The Affiliates Team move forward with there Musical journey.

Stay posted to for  the name up his upcoming album and the video interview by Judith Roumou and Grade A Plus Productions of his visit back to St Maarten.

His New Video Below Cant Cool Filmed on St Eustasia by Corner Stone Productions ( 37sq Miles Affiliates Team )  enjoy…



March 23, 2014
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 BIO: Hello World well my name is Lucienne a.k.a KOLLAH BONE b.k.a DA BEAT KING coming from ST.MAARTEN a very nice place to be all year round.I fell in love with music from the age of 5 .Im 24yrs now and since 2002 i have been making my own music and you know how it is when u want to do music where its hard to get promotions during my voyage on becoming a producer i began rapping and taking music even more serious at the time i played only the keyboard & tenor saxophone but i didnt know how to play notes and i still dont know up until today i dont know how to play notes i play by ear GOD has given me that talent and gift of sound so i thank him.I started a band called D.B.K PRODUCTIONS(DA BEAT KINGZ)with a old friend of mines by the name of George a.k.a G-wattz and Rodrique a.k.a(G-bone)we all came as a production team and started the hustle.I took my music serious i would make up to 6 beats a day we all had make a music page on SOUNDCLICK where we uploaded most of the work we did with in 6 months.It happened to be that we got a plug with DAZ DILLINGER and i produced 2 hot singles for his album WHO RIDES WITH US VOL.3(Throwin staccs & Whats Realla)so i started thinking that i could actualy do this.Later on i got another plug with ALFAMEGA memeber of P.$.C of GRAND HUSTLE RECORDS/ATLANTIC RECORDS with a HOT single called(IM ON MY HUSTLE)after that DA BEAT KINGZ were really getting known throughout St.Maarten/New York/Miami/Atlanta and we been grinding ever since and we got more projects like with our official artist”THE BREAKDOWN BOYZ” they been grindin puttin in there work for there new demo dropping soon and they are also on their way to stardum everyday we are out here hustlin and grindin for more and more projects that comes our way and we are just grinding getting our name out in the INDUSTRY showing skills and creativity to the fullest.Then we recruited our newest member “SHOWTIME” he gots mad talent and skillz yall gonna hear alot from him soon he grindin puttin in dat D.B.K work 4realz but so please support and stay tuned in and ofcourse Look out for DA BEAT KINGZ we on our way to the TOP. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED FROM US MUSIC IS MY JOB–MY CAREER–MY LIFE DA BEAT KINGZ 4 LIFE / 37SQ MILES THE AFFILIATES




November 11, 2013
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BIO: Shawn Hodge aka Ashandi started doing music arond 10 years old, where I participated in Junior calypso competitions and then after linking up with a set with a young group of musicians we then started a band called wicked boyz . Thats where I realized how much I really love music, I began writing my own music from about age 12 and ventured off into many other genres of  music . I found my comfort zone and joy in the reggae and dancehall music, and over the many years of writing,  singing and performing reggae/dancehall music I then perfected my talent and waited for the right oppertunity to release my music to the world. When I linked up with High Grade I became an official member of the 37 Square Miles Crew/The Affiliates and ever since we hav been in a musical journey together. The team is (High Grade ( Grade A plus Productions ) , Ishent Cush ( Cornor Stone Production ), Kollah Bone (The Beat Kings) , A Static  , King Ashandi, Ziggi Recado and Acha.

My musical aim and mission is to spread my music across the world and push my message to the masses of ppl. If I can touch and change jus maybe 10 ppl thru my music and my message I will be contented and I know it will be more than that.





May 5, 2013
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BIO: ACHA Born Guligan (St.Maarten/Guyanese)was born on the 30th of aug 1984. Acha has been in music ever since primary school where he would take part in talent show’s school parties and graduation ceremonies any event where he could get a chance to show case his talent. Acha also would take part in vocal compotation where out of 4 he attended he took home the 1st 2nd and 3rd place prize. Next to being a singer Acha also had a passion becoming a Deejay that he did with his best friends Justin James and Santiago Richardson who is now in the 

Netherlands known as Deejay Sampla the three youngsters would put on parties in their primary school and rock the bodies mind and soul of students with their young mixing skills.In 2000 he left home to further his studies’ in the Netherlands where he would also continue his musical mission. He linked up with some guy’s (KINGZMEN) that where also from his caribbean island and were into music aswel. Acha made several stage appearances where he would always be the Headliner for the show or the opening act befor the main artists of the event. In 2002 he was giving the blessing to headline one of Groningen’s (Holland) biggest summer festivals called the New Attraction show where he would perform alongside Groningen’s finest rap group Kingzmen. After giving a great performance he was then ask to take part in a later show where he would be opening for one of Jamaica’s finest dancehall groups T.O.K. Next to stage show’s and studio recordings Acha also made two Tv interviews in Holland, Uptown tv and at the time Amsterdam hippest urban tv show the box. In 2007 he then took a trip back to St.Maarten to promote and talk about his movements and experience he got as a music entertainer in Holland not knowing that more performance opportunities would open up for him

Acha being back home. Acha was giving the opportunity to open shows for mager dance hall reggae artists like Cecile, Spice, Maxi Priest, Michael x and Ziggy. Acha is one of the Caribbean small island most versitle uprising stars awaiting that moment where he would be able to express himself to the world and like he says’ ( Da One Guh Beyond Di Sky…SKABEEEEM PRUPAH TING





April 25, 2013
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BIO: Addison Walters/Rapper A Static, a young black male inspired by my surroundings and current life situations.

Born in St.Kitts on January 1st 1990, My mother moved to St.Maarten where my father Oneil Walters resided. I was 3 years of age when I moved to St.Maarten and at the age of 12 years old, I developed a musical back ground with my fellow school mates and at that age I noticed a rappid increase in my skills in rhyming with sentences, not knowing that these skills would bring me such oppertunities as well as performances on stages and meeting up with some of the best lyrical local rappers in my neighbourhood and in my age group formed Gv.Records. Growing up in the neighbourhood Middle Region wasnt a walk through the park. I made alot of friends in my child hood years and lost a hand full in my adolecent years. Making music is a part of my life and I try my utmost best to keep my music on a different level compared to what i usually see and hear when ever i turn on my television at home.
I intend to spread a message to the youth of my generation educating them about life and avoiding bad experiences that I never did as well as avoiding experiences my older folks shared with me. (All in the music)
My personal views towards the way i live in St.Maarten is what no parent would want to sit back and watch their child go through. Therefore I concentrate about where i want to go with my musical skills and educational back ground. I dont fully depend on music to pay my bills, thats why i started my own business giving IT services and do plan to further these skills as well. My motivation starts within me and how i feel about getting up and making things happen independantly, basically saying that what ever life throws at you is not hard enough to kill you but strenghtens you and prepares you for the worst, while actually opening new doors of oppertunities. Success is a chain of accomplishments made in a certain time frame. These words i leave with encouragement to all my believers and my crew GV.M.M.A


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