TSXM – GREAT BAY – The entire belongings of Canadian hip hop artist Keith Sweeney, known by his stage name DT, were stolen from the trunk of his car on Mullet Bay beach yesterday around 1 pm.  Sweeney is down to shoot videos and pictures for his upcoming album, and to perform at the Laugh Till Your Belly Burst comedy show. Sweeney visited the Today in an appeal to the public to help return his stolen items if found, especially his passport and other ID. “Right now I have nothing to identify myself,” he lamented.

He said that he headed directly to Mullet Bay after landing on the island and parked his car in the parking lot near the entrance of the beach, leaving his baggage locked in the trunk figuring St. Maarten was “The Friendly Island.” When he returned to his car, he noticed the trunk had been tampered with, and his luggage, which had all his clothes for the trip, his passport, wallet, a Canon T1i camera, and a silver 15” Macbook Pro, was stolen. His photographer, who accompanied him on the trip down, had her luggage stolen too.

In fact, Sweeney was at the office in nothing but a tank top and pajama pants loaned to him by some sympathetic friends. And his photographer is in the same bind. Thankfully, he said, a couple of stores on the island have agreed to donate some clothes to him to help out. “I just got a donation from Urban Gear and Style 108,” he said.

Sweeny was not pleased with his experience with the police force here either. “I’m sitting there with police and they didn’t do anything, not even send a car out to check.” Aside from having to wait for more than an hour before being properly helped to get an official report, he said he was told that these kinds of thefts and break ins happen often at Mullet Bay, especially with rental cars. “If you as a police officer know that, then why aren’t you there patrolling all the time?” he asked.

He described getting irate at the station when he went to file a complaint because of the attitude he was getting until he was finally taken aside by a detective. “It took him an hour and a half to type one page!” an astonished Sweeney said, which cost him precious time to go to other government departments to sort out his situation.

“This is frustrating for me,” he added of his ordeal so far. “I feel like I’ve lost my independence.”  Sweeny is caught in a surreal and absurd situation. “I can’t take out money or receive money because I have no ID. My independence was taken from me,” he repeated. He cannot access his account for money because his bank cards were stolen, but in order to receive money from overseas he needs to provide ID, which obviously he cannot. So far he has been fortunate to have friends on the island who’ve assisted, as well as family back in Toronto.

Sweeney plans to visit the Governor’s cabinet (the Governor is St. Maarten’s head of state on behalf of the King) for assistance as a foreign national in distress. He intends to apply for an emergency Canadian passport and will appeal to the Governor for immediate help. But in the meantime, he is stranded here until that happens.

He asked that people who do come across his stolen items can anonymously drop them off at the Today offices with no questions asked. He is particularly appealing to have his passport and documents like driver’s license, etc. returned.

In the meantime, the parking lot at the entrance to Mullet Bay beach remains a prime target for theft, especially for visitors like Sweeney.