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Join the Caribbean Top 50 Music Charts and Earn up to $1 per day

We pay up to $1 a day for Music Artist !!! Signing up is simple, getting paid is even simpler…

We are Wattzz Publishing , a new generation Record Label , Fashion Designing , Distribution  and Consulting Company that focuses on Empowering Caribbean Music Artist, Producers, Photographers, Journalist, Dee Jays and Socially Creative People.

Submit your track to the Top 50 Caribbean Charts

By Submitting your music to Wattz Publishing you remain in control of your creative rights. All we ask is FOR YOU to try to be as original as possible to avoid any long term back lashes that may occur \ from using someone else’s material as you will be getting paid for your creativity. In cases like this you remain fully responsible for any material submitted that you don’t hold the proper licensing for.

Here is how it works:

  • Submit Artist Bio and Photo
  • Submit 1 song including artwork or Video
  • Like our page on FB @ Wattzz Publishing Sxm
  • Share your song from our page and get  your fan to like your song on Ilandvibez.com

Top 10 best voted songs get paid up to $1 per day

Payment vary from first to 10th place. All payments are made at the end of each month. If you wanna get paid for your Music, Photos, Productions, Journalism Skills or Creativity .

Send us an email below using the follow subjec:

  • I Want to Join the the Top 50 Music Chart
  • I would like to earn Extra Cash as a Photographer
  • I would like to earn Extra Cash as a Producer
  • I would like to earn Extra Cash as a Journalist
  • I would like to earn Extra Cash as a Socially Creative person

To ensure payment collection you will be sent a form to fill out with your full details and contact information.

Earn Extra Cash With Wattzz Publishing

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