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CX PAGE 9- OPINION – My experience of working along with different age groups to accomplish the Agricultural Skill Enhancement Program has been a great one especially for me. During the program we conducted one on one mentor sessions with Ras Mkuu and the trainees to get a better understanding of what transpires in the minds of today youngsters and middle aged men. Ras Mkuu is a well educated Business Empowerment leader with a background in law, business development and Herbal Medicine. The aim at first was to conduct minor computer training with the trainees at the Community Center.  After the first few sessions the feed back I received from Ras Makuu was tremendous. He explained how most of the youths today have been distant from nature and stuck in a class room, so most are gloomy when having to sit and go over documentation on the pc, most express there creativity when being challenge in an environment that pushes them to excel, most of the time the class room doesn’t be as effective for teaching but more for mentoring. For example you always got the most attention of your student on a field trip right. This is the same to the common everyday student, in a class room is like thinking within the box and out of it is a whole diffrent ball game. Understand the fundamentals of having a basic education is important, but what also makes a person great at what they do is experience.

View Cultural Xpression October 2016 Edition Here

From a young age we were always thought that success starts in a class room and ends in a doctors or lawyers office. In my experience that is very far from the truth. In todays world gaining the most experience in the field you love from a young age tends to yield greater results for success, from a young age.. Just think of how Chinese native deal with their children, they would have their 3 year old at the counter learning how to deal with the register so that hey may gain the experience they need to fill in and take over when its their time to..

Today going to collage tends to leave our youths with more debts and student loans then opportunities in the modern world. Most of us have went to school and came back home to settle for a career that we never got educated in but learned to grow with it through experience. The results gathered thus far from conduction the mentoring sessions was great as it got me to understand  why I was having trouble getting the middle age group (23-27) to focus a bit more on executing their tasks. It was simply because they truly didnt understand what they wanted in life and I realized they have had to much of idle time after leaving school that some don’t understand the true value of working hard and making sacrifices to achieve their goals. The younger group was more open minded to embracing opportunities that was placed in front of them because their minds are still open to be easily guided.. The new older crowd 30+ fit in perfectly after replacing the middle aged group that slowly lost interest and the mission. The older crowd carried a since of direction, they know what they want in life and have been through thick and thin and were ready to embrace any worthy opportunity placed in front of them.

Getting involved in the filed from a young age tends to expand the minds of the younger group (age 17) of the program. The older group 30+ are well into the program and know what they want to achieve in life and are just eager for the opportunities to be brought on the table.

We cannot blame the middle  age group for not having a since of direction if none was offered to them from an early start, what this program and mentoring sessions has brought to our attention is that our youth are in desperate need of self motivation, mentoring and opportunity. We were able to understand the trouble issues that effects the minds and souls of these individuals and how we were able to help them keep a strong hold on reality.

Allot of people may think that poverty, mental health and unemployment does not effect our community, Think again based on surveys conducted thus far 5 out of every 10 person know over 10-20 people in their community effected by poverty.

Dealing with the mentoring sessions allowed me to gather data on what effects our unemployed youngster and middle class men. The lack of opportunity plays a great role in those at all ages. Teachers must try more innovative approaches to capture their students attention, some time getting out of the class room and listening to your students one on one may help you out a bit more with what their intentions may seem to be for the future. Let them choose and embrace their passion, who knows some may just be ready to embrace agriculture!!!