WTN Cable shows its appreciation to its many current and past customers by offering them free packages until the end of the year. When paying your November cable bills, you will receive two packages of your choice at no extra cost for the duration of this special.

Customers who already have the extra packages are granted a discount equal to the value of the packages. Customers whose service has been discontinued and still have their WTN Cable box can reconnect at no cost and enjoy the extra packages as well. To close off 2016 WTN Cable wants to show appreciation to the loyal customers who stuck with them through thick and thin by offering them some incentives. What better time to do so, than at the end of the year.

More customer appreciation will follow in the months to come. WTN Cable customers can look forward to other gestures around St. Maarten Day, St. Maarten Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Year, just to name a few. WTN Cable thanks its customers for their patronage during the year and look forward to continue providing them with optimal service now and in the future. WTN Cable & TV Carib. 1 721 542-5898