BIO: Shawn Hodge aka Ashandi started doing music arond 10 years old, where I participated in Junior calypso competitions and then after linking up with a set with a young group of musicians we then started a band called wicked boyz . Thats where I realized how much I really love music, I began writing my own music from about age 12 and ventured off into many other genres of  music . I found my comfort zone and joy in the reggae and dancehall music, and over the many years of writing,  singing and performing reggae/dancehall music I then perfected my talent and waited for the right oppertunity to release my music to the world. When I linked up with High Grade I became an official member of the 37 Square Miles Crew/The Affiliates and ever since we hav been in a musical journey together. The team is (High Grade ( Grade A plus Productions ) , Ishent Cush ( Cornor Stone Production ), Kollah Bone (The Beat Kings) , A Static  , King Ashandi, Ziggi Recado and Acha.

My musical aim and mission is to spread my music across the world and push my message to the masses of ppl. If I can touch and change jus maybe 10 ppl thru my music and my message I will be contented and I know it will be more than that.