Jeremy Reed A.K.A General Pye was born August 6th 1989 on an island by the name of St.Maarten. Music has been the young island star’s passion for basically his whole life, from being in his primary school’s choir and the drumming band to writing/recording/preforming his latest hits in present day. This young artist started rapping about the age of 15 and just like his idols at the time “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” had the same tongue twisting, speed spitting style. Now the artist had developed his own style and has slowed it down a bit so that the audience and listeners can grasp and understand the concepts and ideas behind each song better. Along with his smash hits such as “Slow”, “Feel Love”, “Beautiful” & “Good Times”  General Pye  has collaborated with various local and international artists which has created a fan base for the young artist.

Official Mixtapes –

1. Moonlife (3/30/2014)ehp_6837-001

2. Moonlife 2 (11/6/2016)

Official Videos –

1. Never (Moonlife)

2. Slow (Moonlife)

3. Feel Love (Moonlife)

4. For Real (Moonlife)

5. NO (Moonlife 2)

6. Good Times (Moonlife 2)

Official Website –