KN – GUYANA – Despite significant increases in murders and armed robberies the Guyana Police Force is reporting an overall decline in the number of serious crimes reported up to the end of May this year.
Figures released yesterday by the Police Public Relations Department show that there was a 12 percent increase in the number of murders compared to the same period last year, while robbery under arms skyrocketed by 27 percent for the same time span.
According to the police there were 58 murders for the period in question, compared with 52 for the same period last year. There were 473 armed robberies up to May 31 2014, compared with 372 for the same period last year.
The use of firearms during robberies also increased by a whopping 33 percent compared to May month end last year.
The statistics revealed that Georgetown and its environs and the interior locations accounted for most of the murders —- with 17 apiece.
Essequibo and the West Demerara district accounted for the fewest— one murder each so far.
There were significant increases in the number of murders committed during robberies as well as domestic murders.
There were also increases in two other categories of serious crimes although there was an overall decrease of five percent in the total number of serious criminal offences reported up to May 31.
The total number of serious crimes reported for the period mentioned was 1523, compared with 1605 for the same period in 2013.
Among the serious crimes policed by the Force are murder, robbery under arms, robbery with violence, robbery with aggravation, larceny from the person, break and enter and larceny, burglary, rape, and kidnapping.
This year saw the return of kidnapping; that of Foulis, East Coast Demerara businessman Rajendra ‘Sunil’ Singh in April. A $25M ransom was demanded. His body was subsequently dumped in the Le Repentir Cemetery.
Meanwhile the Police Force is taking the opportunity to remind the public of measures that can be taken in order to avoid being easy targets for criminals.
Among them are “(1) Do not ignore the presence of strange vehicles and individuals in your community, near your residence and place of business; (2) Record the registration numbers of strange and suspicious-looking vehicles, in your community. If possible, discreetly take photographs and forward all information by BBM to pin numbers 2828B269 or 79B17F8B and/or by text to cell numbers 623-6072 or 623-6068; (3) Take note of the physical description of suspicious-looking individuals.
This information may prove useful, subsequently. If possible, discreetly take their photographs and forward all information by BBM and/or by text to the pin and cell numbers provided above; (4) Be extra alert for suspiciously-looking vehicles and persons near your home, if you are expecting persons from the airport; (5) As far as possible, make greater use of debit cards, cheques and other non-cash instruments to transact business; and (6) Business persons are urged to request from potential employees, certificates of good character (obtained from both the Guyana Police Force and persons of good standing), and make use of cash transport services and surveillance systems on their premises, as far as possible.”
The police are also advising, “Do not leave valuables such as cash, laptop computers, important documents, etc., in parked vehicles, call your neighbours, relatives and/or friends and alert them about the presence of suspicious-looking vehicles and persons, and as far as possible, avoid displaying excessive jewelry and expensive electronics such as mobile smart-phones.”