Man found shot Dead in Hope Estate

January 26, 2017
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Photo By Daily Herald

PHILIPSBURG–Franky Brunache was shot in cold blood, execution-style, by unknown assailant(s) in front of his home in Hope Estate late Tuesday evening. Police arrived on the scene after 11:00pm and found the young man on the floor of a black SUV near the driver’s side.

Police Chief Carl John and a Prosecutor were on scene late Tuesday as investigators were speaking to any possible witnesses trying to piece together what had taken place. Forensic officers also bagged and tagged any possible evidence found at the man’s home.

As the investigation continues, it is still too early to speculate on the reason for the shooting. However, police suspect that the bullets that made multiple holes found on the vehicle caused the victim’s immediate death.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson is calling on any person in the community who might have information about the murder to call 911.


Innocent victim of shooting was mistaken for son

November 26, 2014
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SUCKER GARDEN–The man who drove himself to hospital with a gunshot wound on Monday night was said to have been shot in the abdomen outside his home in The Keys area of Sucker Garden sometime after 9:00pm.

The Daily Herald understands the shooting was a case of mistaken identity and the shooters had been after the victim’s son. The son was said to have been involved in a robbery that took place at Beach Plaza Casino on November 2, when some US $500,000 was stolen.

One of the robbers is said to have been arrested since then and had been found in possession of more than US $80,000.

Apparently the co-suspects of the shooting believed the intended victim had given information to the police and therefore was responsible for the arrest. The intended victim is said to have fled to the Dominican Republic after he found out he might be a target. – The Daily Herald


Emilien Kruythoff victim of Cape Bay Shooting dies

September 16, 2014
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Emilien Kruythoff

 Emilien Kruythoff victim of Cape Bay Shooting. Photo Facebook

GREAT BAY – Emilien Pompelio Kruythoff died at the St, Maarten Medical Center at 12.25 a.m. on Monday from gunshot wounds he sustained just before midnight at the Aaron Jacobs Drive in Cay Bay. The 26-year old was hit by one or more bullets in the left side of his body.

Police received a report about the shooting around midnight. Police patrols, paramedics, detectives and the forensic department went to Cape Bay to investigate. Officers stopped a car that was leaving the scene at high speed and found that the female driver was actually on her way to the hospital with the victim.

Paramedics had not arrived yet, but they took over on Welfare Road and attended to Kruythoff on the way to the hospital. The staff at the St. Maarten Medical Center attempted to save the victim’s life, but around 12.25 a.m. the doctor pronounced his death.

The police confiscated the body for further investigation. The forensic department closed off the crime scene on Aaron Jacobs Drive and examined the scene for evidence, while detectives spoke with potential witnesses.

Simpson Bay police patrols filed reports that they had been called twice on Sunday evening to investigate a heated dispute between the victim and another man whereby possibly a gun was involved.

A patrol spotted the victim in the area, but when Kruythoff saw the police he took off running through the dark and narrow alleys in the vicinity.

Witnesses told police that they had heard an argument prior to the shooting and that they had heard several shots. The detective department is investigating the case and asking anyone who may have information to call the tip line at #9300 or the police station at 542 22 22.

On August 21, Kruythoff appeared in the Court in First Instance, where the prosecution demanded the execution of a conditional prison sentence for a rather juvenile case of shoplifting, because he had not stuck to the conditions that kept him out of prison.

Kruythoff was under treatment for drug addiction at Turning Point; this was a part of his conviction. According to his attorney Geert Hatzmann he had left the facility because there was nothing more to learn for him there and he thought he was able to stay clean on his own.

“The case was adjourned because he was doing well,” Hatzmann said yesterday. “My client left Turning Point but he went on his own initiative to the prosecutor’s office to explain this and to say that he had found a job.”

The location of the shooting is in the vicinity of Windsor Road in Cay Bay – a well-known hotbed for drug dealing. – TODAY


Drive by shooting sends 25 year old man to the hospital

September 15, 2014
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Investigators taking pics of bullets on the ground. – Photo The Daily Herald

CUL DE SAC–A 25-year-old man from French Quarter was brought into the hospital by friends on Sunday morning after having been shot in the chest, a source confirmed.

K.L.B. had been a passenger in a grey Kia Picanto, which had come from St. Peters and was approaching the roundabout near Le Grand Marché in Cul de Sac in the left lane, preparing to turn left towards Philipsburg.

Another vehicle pulled up next to the vehicle in the right-hand lane, and at least one shot was fired into the Kia, hitting L.B. in the upper left chest. The vehicle then sped off in the direction of Cole Bay.

L.B. is believed to have been in the car with two other men. The driver continued directly to the hospital, where L.B. was admitted in a critical condition. Detectives attended the hospital, along with forensic investigators who examined the Kia in which L.B. had been taken to the hospital.

A source at the hospital confirmed that L.B. had been brought in with a gunshot wound to the chest, and that he was initially in critical condition. However, he has since stabilised and is expected to survive the shooting.

It is unclear at this stage if the shooting is linked to any of the recent murders. The police were unable to comment, but are expecting to be able to give more information today, Monday. – Daily Herald


Child shot in Random French Quarter shooting – 1 victim dead

July 4, 2014
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PHILIPSBURG, St. Maarten – Late on Thursday night a shooting was reported to have taken place in French Quarter in which three persons were injured.

The incident took place in the vicinity of the Shwarma Outlet where a fatal shooting had recently taken place. This time around our reports state that a little boy, who is approximately three (3) years old was shot multiple times. 

He is said to have survived the attack. A second person was also reported to have been shot Thursday night and was listed in a serious condition at the time of the shooting. The third shooting victim, possibly a female was rushed to the Louie Constance Fleming Hospital for treatment. 

On Friday morning we learnt that the man who was seriously injured taken to the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for treatment where he later died. Sources also stated that the shooting seemed to have been indiscriminately done stating that the shooter randomly fired his weapon in the yard where the victims were located. It is not clear if the victims returned gunfire at their attackers. There have been no word from the Gendarmes about this latest shooting incident as well as the condition of the child who was shot several times. 

The Dutch police is said to be conducting an investigation into circumstances that lead to the death of the victim who died at the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) 
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Arab businesses close to show respect after killing of Anan Daraghma

May 16, 2014
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inset is victim and closded doors 1

Anan Daraghma, the owner of Zac Shwarma in French Quarter who died from gunshots during an apparent robbery which took place late on Wednesday night. The photo show a few businesses along Back Street that remained closed in a show of solidarity. Photo Today / Milton Pieters


TSXM – GREAT BAY- In the wake of the shooting that claimed the life of Anan Daraghma late on Wednesday night, close friends and relatives of the deceased are still trying to come to grips with the harsh reality of the circumstances surrounding the killing.

According to reports, Daraghma, the owner of Zac Shwarma in French Quarter was the apparent victim of a robbery that went bad sometime after 11.00 p.m. As a direct result of the attack, the victim died from gunshot wounds he sustained during the attack.

While the exact details of the attack remain sketchy, the matter is receiving the attention of the French authorities. However this latest murder has drawn mixed reactions from the public that perceives the victim as a very friendly person.

‘He was so funny, everything he said made me laugh, he was mad cool,” one friend was quoted as saying on social media.  “We will miss you Anan, Wolfpack will never forget you ,” and “RIP to ma boy Anan you will surely be missed cant believe your gone at an early age, they decided to take your life away from your family for easy money. You were always a good friend to me and loving and I enjoyed our little conversation.  I got to cherish them now because that is all that remains.”

In a show of solidarity, a few business establishments that are owned by members of the tightly knit Arab community closed their doors. It is left to be seen exactly when they will reopen for business.



Clinic open as of today another gynaecologist in place at Dr Fridays Clinic

December 2, 2013

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Photos Gromyko Wilson and Judith Roumou

TDH – CAY HILL–Women’s Health Services (WHS), the clinic owned by local gynaecologist/obstetrician Dr. Randall Friday, will be fully operational as of today, Monday, with gynaecologist/obstetrician Dr. Kareema Mathews-Daley seeing patients.
Mathews-Daley, who practises in Jamaica, is familiar with patients in St. Maarten, as she has taken over from Dr. Friday in the past when he had to be away from the clinic or went on vacation.
Mathews-Daley will be at the clinic during regular work hours. Patients are advised to contact Mathews-Daley at the clinic at tel. 543-4224 or 581-0733 for their appointments, Friday’s partner Erica Fortuno said on Sunday.
Fortuno said Friday was “stable and coming along.” He is at a medical institution abroad and does not plan to return to the office for the remainder of this year as he recovers from being shot twice at his clinic last week Wednesday.
Authorities are continuing their investigations into the shooting.


Dr friday recovering from his near death experience see photos

November 28, 2013

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TDH – CAY HILL–Chaos erupted at the Yogesh building early Wednesday when gynaecologist/obstetrician Dr. Randall Friday was shot as he made his way to his Women’s Health Services (WHS) clinic located on the second floor of the building around 8:30am.

Friday’s partner Erica Fortuno told this newspaper the 38-year-old gynaecologist and businessman had been shot twice in the passageway leading to his office. One of the bullets grazed Friday’s leg and the other penetrated the side of his body Fortuno said.

Friday was shot from behind close to the entrance of his clinic. He collapsed after being shot.

A number of persons, some of whom are believed to be his patients, were outside the clinic’s entrance on the second floor when the two shots were fired at Friday. It is believed he was followed from his vehicle, then shot, after which the shooter fled.

The clinic was packed with patients waiting to be seen by the gynaecologist/obstetrician. Persons who were outside the clinic scrambled for cover after hearing the shots, some running into the clinic, while patients who were inside started running to the back of the clinic in a rush for safety. It is believed that patients did not see the shooter from their vantage point, though this could not be confirmed.

Friday’s nurse responded to the commotion by going outside to see what had transpired and saw Dr. Friday on the ground. Friday told his nurse he thought he had been shot, the nurse grabbed her keys and rushed him to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his side and to determine the extent of his injuries, Fortuno said. The doctor had walked to the car that transported him to the hospital.

Friday was in stable condition when he arrived at the hospital, police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson said in a police press release issued mid-afternoon Wednesday.

Friday called Fortuno just after the incident and told her he had been shot and she should meet him at SMMC. He also called other close family members.

By the time the news of the shooting spread a large number of family members and friends had gathered at SMMC for news on the wounded doctor. “This [shooting – Ed.] came out of nowhere,” Fortuno said, adding that the incident had left many persons traumatised.

The shooting has left many in the community, including Friday’s patients, in disbelief and shock. Workers in offices located in the Yogesh Building were also shocked at the brazen daylight assault. One person expressed concern about the safety of the building in which the shooting took place, describing the area where the stairs are located as an “unpleasant area” that cannot be avoided as there are no elevators in the building.

Friday was out of the operating room by late last night and in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for recovery and observation. Henson said in the release that Friday was “stable and doing well.”

SMMC has taken measures to cater to the continuity of care of Friday’s patients (see related story).

Both Henson and Prosecutor Tineke N.M. Kamps confirmed that Friday had been shot in separate e-mails to the media yesterday.

Henson said several police patrols, detectives and paramedics had been sent to the Yogesh Building on A.J.C. Brouwer Road around 8:45am, shortly after the shooting. On the scene the investigating officers spoke to witnesses who confirmed that the victim was the gynaecologist.

Henson said Friday had been taken to SMMC in a private vehicle before the ambulance arrived on the scene. He said the scene had been secured by the police immediately, allowing the Forensic Department to start collecting evidence.

No one had been identified or arrested as a possible suspect in this case up to press time. The investigation is in its preliminary stages and the police are requesting that anyone who may have any information in connection to this investigation come forward. Persons can contact the police at tel. 542-2222 ext. 222/224 or tip-line 9300 with whatever information they may have relating to this incident.

Friday became the first St. Maarten-born gynaecologist to operate in St. Maarten when he opened his modern health care facility, Women’s Health Services, in September 2008. He was also the youngest specialist to operate in the country when he opened his clinic. The former St. Maarten Academy student is the only gynaecologist to offer 3D and 4D ultrasounds at his clinic. He was also the first to perform gynaecological laparoscopic surgeries here.



November 13, 2013
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JG – GUYANA – The Police in Guyana yesterday stormed a two-storey building in the capital and killed a man who had earlier shot and killed four people including two police officers.

The Police said that Deryck Kanhai, a licensed firearm holder, had been shooting indiscriminately at people.

They say when they responded to the report of the shootings they came under fire.

The police said he retreated into his home where a standoff ensued as efforts were made to arrest him.

They say they subsequently stormed the premises and came under fire from Kanha.
The police say the fire was returned and the man was fatally shot.

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