King rummer performs at Soca Monarch competition in Tortola British Virgin Islands on Thursday

August 4, 2017
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Photo by the Daily Herald

Rumari “King Rumer” Rogers competed  in the upcoming Soca Monarch competition in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Rogers travelled on Wednesday to get ready for the competition the following day , which was yesterday (Thursday). He is currently the three-peat Road March King of St. Maarten and was selected to represent St. Maarten in the show. Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport  wished Rogers much success in the Soca Monarch competition and encouraged him to continue pursuing his dreams and making St. Maarten proud.

Manager Devondre Jones (left) and King Rumer (right) stopped by the Minister’s office before leaving the island on Wednesday. Photo by the Daily Herald



Machel Montano takes the Leading Role In Soca Musical

June 24, 2016
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TRINIDAD – Soca as a musical genre has extended itself beyond its native shores of Trinidad and Tobago and will now look to take things a step further with the upcoming release of the film, Bazodee.

The film was first screened at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in September 2015.

Set against the backdrop of the Trinidad Carnival season, the film promises to be colourful, vibrant and musical – typical of Bollywood-style film-making. However, the director of the film, six-time Emmy nominee, Todd Kessler, would rather the film be called Triniwood, in recognition of the unique and seasonal musical genre, and its accuracy in capturing the Carnival atmosphere.

‘Bazodee’ is a slang for the dizzying feeling of infatuation or being in love, according to Machel Montano in an interview with The soca musical keeps with this theme, presenting a forbidden love story encased in the cultural duality of the two dominant racial groups of the twin islands, African and Indian.

The lead roles are played by British actress of Sri Lankan parentage Natalie Perera as Anita Panchouri, a representative of the immersion of Indian culture on the twin-islands, and soca mega-star Machel Montano, who plays the role of an aspiring singer, Lee de Leon. Also starring in the film is internationally acclaimed Indian television and film actor, Kabir Bedi as Ram Panchouri.

The film will be released in theaters across the United States this August.

Source: Jamaica-Gleaner

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