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POINTE BLANCHE–A fight at Pointe Blanche Prison left one inmate seriously injured yesterday after he was set upon with a machete. The injured man was taken to hospital, prison director Edward Rohan stated.

A firearm which had not been fired was seized. Police were called around 3:30pm. Order was restored and a complete check of the prison and all cells was completed. Uniformed officers, detectives and a police dog, with its handler, were on scene. A search of the prison revealed a second firearm.

A source has revealed that there had been a “hit-out” on a specific inmate, as another inmate wanted him dead. It is said that the man who wanted to kill the inmate was R.C., one of the convicts in the Vesuvius case.

He allegedly had approached that inmate whilst in possession of a firearm; however, he did not manage to shoot the other male, who then attacked C. with a machete. The man responsible for C.’s injuries apparently said that he acted in self-defence.

A police press release stated that the police had received an urgent call from the prison requesting assistance in connection with a very serious altercation among inmates whereby one inmate was seriously wounded by another with a makeshift machete. According to the report a gun was involved in this altercation, however, no shots were fired.

“On the scene investigating officers located the victim with initials C.R. who was bleeding profusely from numerous severe cuts to his head and a serious stab wound to his back. The victim was treated on the scene by paramedics and transported to St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment.”

The police then assisted in a search of the prison and during a search of the cell blocks where the altercation took place two pistols were found by police dogs. Both pistols were loaded and ready for use.

Both firearms were confiscated, as was the makeshift machete. So far one suspect has been arrested for possession of an illegal fire-arm. More arrests are expected in connection with the assault as the investigation continues. The Herald