SUCKER GARDEN–Avalon Design and Construction workers reportedly were in an uproar late Friday over the non-payment of their salaries.

Management could not be reached on Sunday for comment on the matter.

Several workers gathered at Avalon’s office on Friday evening to voice their concerns over their unpaid salaries as the date draws near to the Christmas holiday. The Daily Herald understands that the construction company owes Social and Health Care Insurances SZV a substantial amount of money in outstanding insurance premiums and owes government an outstanding amount in taxes.

It is understood that the premiums owed to SZV date back to 2010 and several arrangements had been made to pay, but the company did not live up to its obligations. The amount owed is reportedly in the six digits. Arrangements also were made with government for the outstanding taxes, but these also were violated.

Arrangements apparently were made for monies owed by Avalon, a subcontractor, to be paid directly to SZV and government, resulting in cash flow problems for the construction company.

It could not be ascertained up to press time whether the workers had been paid since Friday’s fracas at the company office. – The  Daily Herald