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Angry brother hold husband for answers – Photo Kaeuteur News

GUYANA – The lifeless body of a 35-year-old woman was pulled from the Lama Canal in an area called the “Blacka” at the entrance of ‘B’ Field Sophia around 08:00 hrs yesterday, two days after she went missing.
The dead woman has been identified as Natasha Jacobs called “Tasha,” a mother of four, of North Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
Police sources confirmed that the body bore several marks of violence.
According to reports, the body was discovered by a child, partially submerged amidst a patch of weeds in the “Blacka,” where the residents would normally swim.
At the scene yesterday, residents had assumed that it was the body of the mother of four since she would normally traverse that area.
This was confirmed when one of Jacobs’ brothers went into the black water and turned over the remains. It was then when investigators realized that they were dealing with a clear case of murder and not a drowning.
Jacobs’s face was partially disfigured and her neck appeared to have been broken.
There were several black and blue marks on her skin.
Upon seeing the injuries, the dead woman’s three brothers rushed to her partner’s home and launched an assault on the man who appeared to be in his early 40s.
For more than a year Jacobs’ partner lived a short distance from where her body was discovered.
He was heard crying for help but the residents too joined in and beat him.
They circled him and the punches he received were countless. They even threw bricks in his face.
“No I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything. Please leave me, please,” the man pleaded.
Police officers were forced to fire a shot to scare the crowd away.
He was eventually taken away in handcuffs.
Natasha Jacobs’ mother, Pamela, told this newspaper that she last saw her daughter alive Saturday night when she left her home.

“Me and she left Festival city and I tell her leh we go to Lamaha Gardens by me but she refused. She said she going by she man and I begged her to come with me but she didn’t. That was the last time I see her,” the mother said.
She explained that her daughter complained to her numerous times of being beaten by the suspect.
“She said that he threatened to kill her. She does come and say that he beat her and all over her skin does have black and blue marks,” the older Jacobs said.
The mother admitted that her daughter was suffering from mental illness.
“When she gave birth to her first child (11 years ago) she started suffering from this sickness. She does be in and out of her senses,” the mother said.
She added that she lost one of her sons, Joshua Jacobs, last year in a freak accident.
The woman said that she now has nine surviving children.
Neighbours of Natasha Jacobs’ partner said that the only bad thing the suspect did was consume alcohol on a daily basis.
“He did not kill her. Her brothers were wrong to that man. When all of them leave her to sleep on the roads, that man picked her up and take her to his home. He is small in size; it is impossible for him to kill that woman,” a neighbour said.
Investigations are ongoing. – Kaeuteur News