The management of Liberian star singer, DenG has released an official statement revealing that the singer has postponed his New year concert due to Health Challenges.

The health scare comes as a shocker to all of DenG’s fans who all know the singer only recently returned from the US for his tour.

The singer’s official promoter disclosed through the African Entertainment Musical Group site that “Since his (DenG) return from the US, DenG has been suffering from yet to be accurately diagnosed Health Challenges that have made the adored singer go through tremendous pain. This has impaired his desires to perform at the “Grateful Concert” billed to hold today, the 1st of January, 2017 at the RLJ resort”.

The statement continues “He remains under the care of expert medical professionals at the SOS Clinic who recommended enough rest. He will spend the next two weeks proactively working with his doctor to recuperate”

Health Challenges

We also hear that DenG who is currently hospitalized is very distraught and it has less to do with his Health Challenges and more to do with his inability to perform for his excited fans.

According to his publicist, DenG recently opened up about his insomnia and fatigue when he left the recording studio at about 3:am Sunday morning.

We wish the singer a speedy recovery!

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