~Tax and other related issues~

PHILIPSBURG:— Information reaching SMN News states that three of the eight candidate Ministers whose names were submitted for screening have failed the process.
SMN News learned those that failed are Franklin Meyers who was supposed to fill the vacant position of Prime Minister. It is understood that Meyers failed because of taxes for both him and his spouse, also a complaint was filed against Meyers by an RST agent who accused him of using violence during a house search at his brother’s residence.
The candidate for the Ministry of Justice Leona Marlin also failed the screening process due to the 2014 ship-jumping and nepotism related to the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation.
While the candidate for the Finance Ministry Michael Ferrier failed based on a court case he had with former French Senator and President of the Collectivity Louis Constant Fleming.
According to information SMN News received, the new majority is back on the drawing board with candidates that denied the offer when they were first approached, those candidates are Jairo Bloem for Justice and Sharine Daniel for Finance. No names on the candidate for Prime Minister has been disclosed for the moment. In reaction to this article Attorney Jairo Bloem said that at this point of his life he is not considering to take up any public function.

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