Blessed Love everyone, In This months edition of Cultural Xpression Newsmagazine I share my protest letter to the minister of VROMI with the general public as he fraudulently tries to terminate, evict and deny us long lease from the St Peters Community Garden..

Some people may see a smile on my face everyday but not understand the tribulation i go through on my beautiful Island just for wanting to see better for my family, the next generation and my country..

Never the less i am not discourage and not giving up as no one is greater the mother earth and there for i will hold my stance and remain cultivation my property what was rightfully leased to me by constitutional law to help uphold the heritage and culture of this country.

”I am a different breed, I ain’t moving no where and I will continue to fight with my life to save what is left for the well being and the future of our children”. – Denicio Wyatte

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Protest Letter Below:

ATT: Minister C .T Emmanuel

SUB: Protest Letter June 5, 2017

In protest of letter received on (no date attached to letter),

Subject : Termination of rental agreement and denial of request for long lease.

Good day Minister C .T Emmanuel,

Based on the above mention subject, I would like to bring the following to your attention.

On May 31, 2017 I received a letter on my door step in reference to the Termination of rental agreement and denial of request for long lease for the said property which is located in the St Peters area and is being Occupied by me (Mr Denicio Wyatte ) for the use of Agricultural Research and Development, with this objective in mind The St Peters Community Garden Research and Development Center was formed.

In 2014 the Parcel of land was leased to me by government under the supervised by the former Minister of VROMI Mr M. lake who believed strongly in preserving the Agri – Cultural Values of our beautiful Island.

Based on the importance this sector may add to the economical and health values of country St Maarten, the parcel of land was issued out in lease agreement for 3 years based on not having sufficient funds to acquire the necessary documentation and arrangement to obtain the land in long lease at the time.

I was advised that I am in my sole right and have the oppertunity to submit for the parcel of land in long lease once I am able to obtain the funds to start the process of the documentation from Cadaster , Notary ect.

In the mean time i was granted the oppertunity to occupy the space to practice agricultural sustainability methods that harvested great results.

Over the past 3 years there have been numerous request submitted for the parcel of land to be granted to me for long lease and also the additional already occupied space in long lease for residential to oversee the project in the near future.

Over the pass year we have executed numerous community activities and pilots that show great potential in the the following areas of:


The St Peters Community Garden Research and Development center was constructed by members of the surrounding community, slow progressing students and technical professionals that all shared their expertise and experience to making the project a success. The Project was funded by Prince Bernhard Cultuur Funds, UNESCO St Maarten, UNDP, SZV and VSA which provided job opportunities while embracing the education aspect of it all.

Food Security:

We Researched sustainable crops that were suitable for our enviorment and grown organically.

We harvested over 1600 kilos of food from 2015-2017 that was distributed to community members for free or at very low cost to help balance high rising food prices and the alleviation of poverty.

Community Activities:

Cultural Xpression Agricultural Festival proved the potential of bringing farmers, Artist, community members and tourist together to embrace the importance of agriculture, employment opportunities, community development awareness and unity.

Waste management:

Surveys conducted proved that there is more than 250,000 lbs of waste that leaves parcel 6 (St Peters – Cul de sac ) every week headed to the dump. The community garden has come up with adequate solutions to help reduce organic waste.


Adults and both children from the surrounding communities and assorted schools come to the community garden to obtain vital information on Agricultural Development and sustainability. The Minister of education Ms S. Jacobs commended us on a job well done and look forward to future collaborative effort with the Community Garden.


Planting food to encourage a healthier lifestyle amounts and elderly and youngsters.

Researching and cultivating medicinal plants and herbs for home remedial solutions.

Water connection and Address

There has been a valid water connection and Address issued to the Community Garden which resides at Strawberry rd#16, St Peters.

The community of St Peters, both elderly and youngsters all stand behind the firm contribution the community garden has provided for the well being of the community.

Based on all the above mention we would like to ask you to reconsider your decision. It is clearly not understandable how the community garden can be hired by a government department such as VSA to execute community backyard gardening assessments for community members and now your decision is to shut down the progress of the community garden that is working toward St Maarten’s Agricultural Development?

Based on the above mention, I have made as my sole contribution and dedication towards to positive development in the St Peters Community and can not accept your decision and will continue to occupy the said space for the greater good of the country until I am rightfully granted the oppertunity to further occupy the said space in long lease with no hinderance to the obligation of the continuation of land tax payments.

The reason for not accepting your decision is based on a few outlines in the letter received stipulated below:

Fraudulent claims:

The Termination letter states that the decision was made based on owing taxes for the land. This claim is false and should be highly taken into consideration as I have all receipts that all payment have been already made, up until the ending of the contract.

No date on Government issued letter:

The letter was received in a very unprofessional manner , which carried no date or stamp on the envelope and no date on the letter it self also. And there for in this manner it can not be accepted.

Land denial long lease for complaints of usage for agricultural purposes:

This is a claim that is not in its rightful justification as the land was contracted out for the use of Agricultural Purpose.

Land denial long lease because land is reserved for future residential development in the zoning plan for cul de sac :

If in this case, then I should be rightfully granted the oppertunity also for residential development on the occupied said property as i have requested this since 2014 to oversee and be personal care taker of the Community Garden Research and Development Center. All documents from past requests are still at hand since 2014.

Unjustified Certificate of ad-measurement number:

Based on the numbers outlined in the letter received (093/19716), there is error that was clearly not paid attention too. Based on this i can not clearly understand which lot numbers your are referring to and find it highly unprofessional to receive a claim of such sort with out proper supervision or research being done on the matter.

Letter reference in denial of long lease March 28, 2017.:

The letter dated On March 28, 2017, is when I proceeded to send you a letter asking exemption based on not being able to get electricity to the farm. The letter dated March 28, 2017 was not about the long lease. The meeting on the long lease took place on March 8, 2017 and that is when the letter for long lease was presented to you along with other documentation , showing governments reaction to the fraudulent claims made by the Richardson family about occupying the said property. This was also CC To the police commissioner..

Minister Emmanuel did not read the letter issues out:

Based on a conversation with the minister on Saturday June 3, 2017 , in the streets of St Peters. I Stopped the minister to ask him face to face about his decision and questioned him about making the statement that i did not pay my taxes. He told me he did not say that and it was about complaints being made. This clearly justified that the minister did not read the letter issued out to me, but yet bared his signature..

Minister Justified his decision based on facebook comment:

As I approached the minister in the streets of St Peters on Saturday June 3, 2017 and ask him about his final decision, he told me that it was also based on a threatening statement made on Facebook and he continued ’’ you said that we ministers think we can just walk up and down in the streets, and his colleague told him ‘’but it look like Wyatte is threatening you’’… I told him I never made that statement and he should go back and read the public post on FB clearly as i do have the right to freedom to post my thoughts to the press or FB for that matter. But i did not make the justified statement he referred to. So I copied it and paste it to your FB inbox so you can read it clearly again..

Again based on the above mention, I can not accept your letter and decision on the matter and would further like you to consider before the matter goes further into seeking legal advice.

I would also highly advise you not allow your secretarial staff to attached any personal vendettas to this matter as it does not concern them. On the outside threats are being made and can be justified where the influence is coming from that is allowing the functionality of your department to be compromised.

I have contacted the Minister of education and the Prime Minister on this matter and both have said they will be in contact with you to try resolve this matter.

Untill now both the Minister of Education and Prime minister has done nothing to help bring some peace to the matter and further more refuse to answer my messages. Since then i have not contact them again about the situation as it seem to have no imporatnce to them..

Please consider the below articles of the constitution and wahts was decleared in Emancipation Proclamation .

Article 10

1. All persons have the right, without prior permission, to publish thoughts or opinions or to pass on information through the press, subject to all persons’ responsibilities as laid down by national ordinance.

Article 14

1. Everyone lawfully present in Sint Maarten has the right to move freely there, to stay and to

select their place of residence there, subject to restrictions to be imposed by or pursuant to

national ordinance.

Article 15

1. Everyone has the right to the peaceful enjoyment of his possessions, without prejudice to

restrictions to be imposed in the general interest by or pursuant to national ordinance.

2. No person may be deprived of their possessions, other than if it is declared in a national

ordinance that expropriation is required by the general interest and prior full compensation should be enjoyed or assured, in accordance with regulations to be laid down by or pursuant to national ordinance.


Article 18

1. The government’s constant concern is directed at the protection of children and young people and the promotion of their right to education, welfare, cultural development and leisure activities.

2. The government’s constant concern is directed at the protection of elderly and persons with

a disability and at the promotion of their health and welfare.

Article 19

1. It shall be the government’s constant concern to secure the means of subsistence of the

population and to achieve the distribution of wealth.

Article 20

1. It shall be the government’s constant concern to promote the provision of sufficient employment.

2. Rules on the legal status and of employees and their protection in that regard, and concerning co-determination, shall be laid down by or pursuant to national ordinance.

3. The right of every Dutch national to a free choice of work shall be recognised, without

prejudice to the restrictions laid down by or pursuant to national ordinance.

Article 21

1. The government shall take steps to promote the health of the population.

2. It shall be the constant concern of the authorities to provide sufficient living accommodation.

3. The government shall create conditions for social and cultural development and leisure activities and for the preservation of cultural heritage.

Article 22

It shall be the government’s constant concern to keep the country habitable and to protect and improve the environment and of the living environment and welfare of animals.

Article 35

1. Ministers shall refrain from debating and voting on issues, including appointments, suspensions and dismissals, that personally concern them, their spouses or relations by blood or affinity to the second degree, or in which they are involved as mandatories.

2. Ministers may not hold any office with which any remuneration or benefits charged to the

budget of the Country are associated.

3. Ministers may not participate, directly or indirectly, in, or serve as managers or supervisory directors of any business registered or operating in Sint Maarten. Holding shares in a public limited liability company is not regarded as participation in a business unless the person concerned holds twenty-five per cent of the shares together with his relations by blood or affinity to the second degree.

4. Ministers may not participate directly or indirectly in a concession in the Country.

Please feel free to contact me to further discuss this matter…

Best Regards,

Denicio Wyatte

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