Caribbean artist always seem to bring the right touch to the party. CX brings you closer to some of your favorite Afro-Caribbean artist. This month we touch based with a Caribbean artist of Jamaican descendent currently residing in the Netherland that has been in the music scene for some time now and been burning up the dancehall party scene. As the Dancehall music scene is a constant demand in the Netherlands and gets bigger and bigger, there are many Caribbean descended artist that are adding their unique swag and dialect to the growing sector. With so much talent to offer as Caribbean Artist, it’s just a matter of consistency , hard work and patiences before you can find the right Dj, Studio and Club to TUN IT UP LOAD.
In the Nov 2017 Edition we bring to you from the Caribbean to the World, JULA FAT STASH:

First Off introduce yourself. Which part of the Caribbean is your roots and which part of the world are your currently residing ?
My mother is from Jamaica and her grand mother is from Cuba. My father is from Croatia, which used to be Yugoslavia. I am currently residing in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

What is your genre (Style) of Music ?
My genre is Reggae Dancehall music.

Was this genre always your first choice, If not, please mention why you changed genres?
My first choice of listening music was hip hip and first choice of making music would be dancehall. I could not be a hip hop artist because i have a Jamaican accent so dancehall was a better fit.

How long have you been doing Music in this field as an artist?
Ive been making dancehall music for 12 years now

What challenges, if any, do you face being a Dancehall artist in the Netherlands?
One of the biggest challenges I face being a Dancehall artist in the Netherlands is that this genre has no market over here. I have a fanbase yes but right now the Dutch Hip Hop scene is growing and people like to listen music they can understand.

What are your observations of the music scene in the Caribbean and World, how can your style as an artist add to it?
How my style can add to the Caribbean music scene, is if they accept me and start playing my music on radio and tv. I don’t have to do much, my music is Caribbean already.

Do you think there are more potential artist in holland of Caribbean background that have potential to make internationally, Please name a few ?
Yea, there must be more artist with talent in the Netherlands from Caribbean decent I just can’t name them now.

Why do you think so much Talented Caribbean artist struggle to make it in the industry?
I think many artist struggle in the industry because of the way they or their team conduct business.

What genres of music do you feel have a great impact on the outside world influenced by our Caribbean culture?
I feel like the Hip Hop/Pop has a lot of Dancehall influences now a days. And we must not forget that Hip Hop is what it is because of The Legendary Dj Kool Herc The Great who came from Jamaica, and he brought the Jamaican sound system culture to New York and then Hip Hop was born. So were just one big family.

How do you feel about the new wave of African music thats taking over the world ?
The new wave of African music BEEN doing it’s thing for years! It’s just coming to the Caribbean now. But it’s not so wavy over here as before! In Europe every country has there own music scene now. Holland has its own Hip Hop scene, France has there own hip hop scene, the UK has there own Hip Hip scene and so does Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany and every other country in Europe.

What would you like to see change or adapted in the Caribbean that will help inspire you and other artist to be more productive?
What needs to be changed in the Caribbean? I think a lot. I think we need a market, we need good looking music videos and stop releasing amateuristic looking music videos. We need music thats mix and mastered good, we need MTV Caribbean, we need to be accepted in America and on American TV and radio because we have a lot of Caribbean fans in the States, all Caribbean countries that speak English need to collaboration and work together. I feel the Jamaican dancehall scene needs to accept more acts outside of Jamaica that do Dancehall music what would make the scene grow. I think we need more platforms for Caribbean music just like your platform. Platforms that look good and professional for the internet, radio and tv. I think we need to be more on Spotify instead of SoundCloud. We need a lot more but I can’t think of everything right now lol.

Do you think making music, alone, an artist can be able uphold a sustainable lifestyle and responsibilities?

Yes if your song rotating on the radio and tv and you perform a lot. Don’t forget with Spotify and Itunes you can have a pretty luxurious life.

Beside international artist, which underground Caribbean Artist do you listen to ?

I listen to Gage (Young Legend)

Which underground and international artist have you enjoyed working with. also mention who you would like to collaborate with in the near future ?

I enjoyed all of the collaborations i did. And i would like to work with Vybz Kartel, Bounty Killer, Damian Marley, Diana King and probably some more upcoming or big artist, it does not matter I just like to make good music.

What keeps you motivated currently?

Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations ?
Malachi Z York, Sister Soulja, Tupac Shakur, Mike Tyson, Dr Sebi, Vybz Kartel, Ivan Van Sertima

Where do you see yourself in the next year?

In the next year I see my self traveling the world and doing shows. The year after that I’m going to be in America.

What can the Caribbean & World Expect next from Fat Stash?
Good Music

If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Cultural News Magazine is focused on a number of community awareness building topics, most importantly Agriculture and Community Development. What are your thoughts and views of the importance of Agriculture?
It’s a good look!

As we come to the end of the Q and A interview:
Please give a shout out and also some inspirational words for our Afro-Caribbean Artist and youngsters that look forward to taking on music as a career possibility! Also let the world know where they can find or purchase your music or product items!
My advice to all upcoming artists is stay real, be your self and keep some money in your pocket.
You can find me on instagram as @jula_fatstash
And you can stream all my latest songs on Spotify.

Nuff Respect goes out to Fat Stash ,one of the Caribbean to Holland’s rising Dancehall Artist… Cultural Xpression wishes you all the best on your journey forward!!!!

Listen to Jula FatStash – Loud ( Track )

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