40+ years of experience in the field of music , Mr Isidore York aka (Mighty Dow) is no stranger globally to the pan. Over the last four decades the iconic musician has added numerous awards for his achievements into his archives. From receiving a Golden Award for songs like St Maarten Rhumba and the Lifetime Achievement Award from organizations such as IRAWMA (International Reggae and world Music Awards), The Mighty Dow has been a trend setter in the field of Calypso and Steel Pan Music in St Maarten and throughout the Caribbean. In this months edition of Cultural Xpression Newsmagazine we bring you a bit closer to St Maarten’s Music Ambassador Mr Isidore York aka Mighty Dow, as he prepares himself for the 26th annual ‘’Pan in Paradise’’ show on the 27 of Dec 2017 at the Westin Hotel.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, We are sure everyone would like to know how did the name Mighty Dow come about?
The name Mighty Dow arrived from my younger brother who could not pronounced my name in full, and that became my nickname (DOW) and then putting the Mighty in front many years after when I first was entering the local Calypso competition for this was Supreme and Majestic to put the word Mighty in front your artist name.

What inspired you to embrace the steel pan ?
My Father was involved fully in it’s promotion.

What was Steel pan Music like 40 years ago ?
Very interesting , special and rewarding

What challenges have you faced being a steel pan artist out here in the Caribbean?
To get the Steel Pan in a Structured way in schools. And I could and should, like I’m doing now, do more playing on a consistent basis in the other Islands.

We know you have won many great awards from past to present, mention a few that have been set a great miles stones in your life.
Receiving A Golden Award for The Song St. Maarten Rhumba from Kubaney records out of Miami

– Nominated in the Latin Award of Music 1990 Miami

– Ambassador Award from St. Maaten

– Life Time Achievement Award from IRAWMA (International Reggae and world Music Awards)

– Winning the calypso ,road march Crown, including Groovy Soca in the Soca Rumble competition Monarch.

What was your most challenging time getting prepared for the show?
Having the bands play my music correct, note fore note.

How has collaborating or having a good team play a role in your past and current career development?
I was mostly on my own, well let’s say always leading which ever and whom ever worked along with me, My wife Ruth always assisted which I’m very appreciated of and thankful for. But with DMF I have to thank people like Francisco Bryson, Edward Lloyd, Leonaris Brooks who was the first members of the Steel pan Foundation, followed by another great team, Mrs Gabrielle Marlin, Mrs Ruth York, my wife and Stella Arrindell.

What are your observations of the music scene here on St Maarten and do you think that there are more potential artist locally that have international potential?
I think we have a lot of music that’s buried, meaning not having that pride of playing the local music on the radio stations on a consistent and regular basis ,though it’s much better than before but yet still of the mark as being where it should be, and it’s difficult getting St Maarten music played else where in the Caribbean, marketing and promotion is much needed,

What genders of music do you feel has a great impact on the outside world influenced by our Caribbean culture?
Soca Music / Reggae with the St Maarten Swing to it.

What genre or genres of Music do you think St Maartener’s or Caribbean people should focus on to determine a more successful international outcome?
Cross over between Soca and a Rhumba typed mixed combination.

What would u like to see change or adapted in St Maarten that will help inspire more local artist to be productive?
Marketing and get good produced tracks.

Do you think music out here in St Maarten can be one to uphold a sustainable lifestyle and responsibilities?

It can be done, but we must form a music association to better this part.

Name a few countries in the world that you have traveled to perform?
Columbia, Mexico, London, New York, Carlifornia, The Netherlands, Trinidad,
Aruba, Curacao, St. Kiitts, St, Vincent, Atlanta Georgia, Cuba, Suriname and Miami.

What type of experiences have you gain from performing internationally?
To see how others embraced the artists, to see how others respect the artists and how much they are involved in the culture of their land as far as the art is concern, knowing that music is just not surrounded by just catering only for St.Maarten

What other places in the world would you like to perform?
Italy, Germany, China, Africa

Do you listen to other local artist , Mention a few?
I Listen to all but I love to hear Kenyo, Jabz, Oswald, Erno, Red Eye Crew, King James, Jr. Lion . These have a unique style, but I listen to all the others.

What keeps you motivated currently?
DMF Music School

Who or what are some of your biggest inspirations?
My Father Chester York, Short Shirt, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder,
Mighty Sparrow, and Mohammed Ali.

Where do you see yourself in the next year?
In Years to come my plans are to re record most of my hits to modern beats and sound.

What can St Maarten and the World Expect next from Mighty Dow, tell us a bit about your annual Christmas show and what can the public expect this year?
More and more Music, It’s been 26 years, wow, we have been consistent with quality. It’s going to be a great one and great show inspiring the younger musicians.
Building a Music College on St. Maarten

As you know our cultural paper is focus on a number of community awareness building topics, most importantly Agriculture and Community development. What are you thoughts and views of the importance of Agriculture for St Maarten?
The relevant authority should be much more involved and be part of its day to day development.

What do you think can bring more community members together to focus on positive development issues for their surrounding communities?
Get involved in music classes, see music, its art is as important as brushing your teeth and as important as a meal every day, same goes for sports, start and continue to embrace and enhance this. Move forward with more structure in everything we do, most of all be good and honest.

As we come to the end of the Q and A interview:
Who would you like to thank, give a shout out to and or leave some inspirational words for our youngsters and upcoming artist that look forward to taking on music as a career possibility !
I want to thank my wife for always being there, my father Chester York for his input in to music in St. Maarten in particular steelpan music. All the music teachers on the island and specially those who teache at Dow’s Musical Foundation. I love when young people doing good and climbing up the ladder, I love to assist them. Music is a major part of the soul,
keep on working to be the best of what ever it is you do, be consistent.

We would like to thank Isidore York (Mighty Dow) as he continues to put St Maarten on the map… We wish him much success on his journey forward !!!!

Listen to music from The Mighty Dow on Caribbean World Charts:

Mighty Dow – Off The Ground

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