The Caribbean World Charts is an engagement product powered by Watts Publishing. The focus of the Caribbean Billboard is to change the way the world View and Stream Afro-Caribbean Music and It’s Artist !

Artist and Dj’s can send or submit a SoundCloud track link to our message box or email inbox through our contact page if you would like us to add your songs to our charts. Artist and Users can also feel free to sign up or just browse our Afro-Caribbean archive of great music and videos that will be updated daily.

Getting on board and submitting your songs and videos early will earn you great rewards and cash prizes in the near future (FEB 2018), as we look forward to paying out the top 10 streaming artist on a monthly basis. The focus is to get all our Caribbean and African brothers and sisters together under one roof and help them to achieve a high sense of progress for their creative work.

Your music is all over is all over the internet, but what do you get for it ? Wattzz Publishing and Caribbean World Charts will ensure artist receive the right consultation, strategic planning and networking partners to help them get the best quality service to accomplish their next song, album or product goal from some of the best young upcoming producers, entrepreneurs, engineers, consultants and A&R Reps in the Caribbean. After all who’s sitting behind your SoundCloud Account?

We stay personally connected to all upcoming and potential Artist via Whats App. So first thing first get connected +172 5244733.

Here is your chance as a Afro-Caribbean Artist to support a cause that supports you in your creative efforts and look forward to stimulating more Artist to become productive while harvesting the benefits of their work.
The Caribbean World Charts will open doors for the most trending artist with original content to be sold on platform such as iTunes , Spotify ect.
So what are you waiting for? Hit us up at @The Caribbean World FB Page, Twitter @carib_billboard or Send us and email at to get your songs uploaded to share with your friends, family and fans!

Producers can submit beats, background tracks for movies ring tones ect to be used for potential commercial clients. If your work is approved, Wattzz Publishing will negotiate further on how one may be able to capitalize from such a venture. To get started It’s simple, submit, your track, share and embrace the experience.

Website Launching Tomorrow !

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